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How to Select a German Pinscher
...is this breed for you? German Pinschersare a wonderful breed of dog... but they are NOT for everyone... What you see at 8 weeks old is NOT what you get as an adult (remember the movie, "Beethoven?") <grin>

Once you have decided that you want the responsibility of a furbaby in your life, are you SURE that you can live with the Temperament -- that is wary of strangers (man or beast), and has a high prey-drive -- to kill -- rat, squirrel, rodent (which may be misinterpreted as your neighbor's cat, or yippie little dog)?

As the GPCA introductory brochurestates on the History & Descriptionpages,
the German Pinscher is from a stong terrier background. Of strong will and mind, the GP is determined, manipulative, and assertive. The breed can be very possessive over things and/or owners. Willing learners and highly intelligent, the GP makes a wonderful companion with firm, but gentle and consistent discipline. Early and frequent socialization that includes obedience training is STRONGLY encouraged. They are long-lived and keep their puppy playfulness well into adulthood. GP's love to travel and enjoy adventure in any form.
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...Finding a "Reputable Breeder" ...

1) Has the breeder planned the litter by testing for genetic problems (ie: OFA--hips free of dysplacia, CERF--eyes normal, VonWillybrands = hemophelia = free-bleeding, thyroid, etc, not merely a brucellosis test, which most BYB & Puppy mills don't do):
2) Does the breeder care enough about the puppies he or she produces, to take it back, for life, should you not be able to keep it?
3) Does the breeder "check YOU out" and make sure that your home is the right environment to raise the dog they have reared and socialized properly?
4) Is the dog's well-being more important than the token cost they will receive, after sinking hundreds (?thousands) of dollars into raising, showing, making a champion -- to prove it meets the written "standard"), and being sure that you get a healthy, well-adjusted, companion?
5) Do they insist that you spay/neuter your "pet"? ...or have it done, BEFORE they sell their puppies?

If not, you may be buying from a BYB = "Back Yard Breeder,"
or pet shop which gets it's dogs from...

Pet Shops and Puppy Mills......

Words cannot describe the horror of the conditions that our loving and trusting companions endure to be "brood-bitches"...cranking out puppies every 6 months until they are no longer able to produce that cute little furbaby that Patti Paige sang about.. "How much is that doggie in the window... the one with the waggily tail?..."
No "REPUTABLE" breeder allows their puppies to be brokered and sold in a pet store.
BEWARE... of the questionable pedigrees, health, or temperaments of those cute little fuzzballs! By falling in love with one, and buying it, you perpetuate the suffering of the mother and father who will be used again, and again, to make money for the "miller" who does NOT give them love, cleanliness, or healthy conditions to live in.
Please, be sure that you find a "Responsible" breeder... before discovering the heartaches that Pet-shop and back-yard-breeder puppies can cause, in medical bills or temperament problems.
If you would like to help in the efforts to stop puppy mills,
check out the Link to "Critter Haven" below.

Decided not to buy?... there is always the option of "Rescue."
Many dogs have gotten lost, or been given-up by those who were not responsible buyers... who didn't research the temperament, or size, or needs of the dog before grabbing that cute little puppy at Christmas... Dogs aren't disposable toys, to be left in the backyard, tied to a chain, when they chew or have an "accident" in the house. Rescue dogs are often NOT to blame for their being stranded at a shelter, or worse, left to fend for themselves
Many dogs can be rehabilitated, and/or physically or emotionally, to become loving, and very loyal companions.
I am the chairman of the rescue committee of the German Pinscher Club of America.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me for further information on how to adopt a "second-hand dog," at German Pinscher Rescue
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The following links will be a guide to help you find a breeder.
Please consider ALL the factors that go into raising a puppy,
BEFORE you take one into your home.

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Responsible Breeders and Where to Find a Pet


Practical Advice & Considerations in getting a pet

Selecting a Dog

Selecting a Pet [HomeVet© Natural Health Care Center]

Think before you breed...It may be your last chance

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Puppy Mills, Pet Shops -- where NOT to find a pet

Critter Haven --The Caring Place--Victims of Greed

Help Us Fight Puppy Mills

This award is given to those who promote responsible breeding and ownership.
I'm very happy to receive as well as display this award so all may see what puppy mills are really all about, and what you can do to help put them out of business.
Please support Critter Haven, with not only your voice, but in your actions.
Join Critter Haven to help them stop these atrocities.

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Companion Animal Protection Society's Web Site

Dog Owner's Guide: What is a Puppy Mill?

Dog Owner's Guide: Puppy Mill Nightmare

Infodog's No More Puppy Mills Headquarters

Just Another Puppy Mill -- Golden Retriever WWW page

PUPPYMILLS.COM -- how to avoid puppymills & find REPUTABLE breeders

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~~ Rescue~~
places to find a dog needing love
Give a GP rescue German Pinscher rescue a Helping Hand

German Pinscher Rescue

All Breed Rescue Coordinating Council (ABRCC)

Animal Home Adopt a pet - lists GP rescue

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

CYBER-PETCyber-Pet . . . boldly go where no pet fancier has gone before. . .

Francis's Dog Rescue Center

Great rescue sites

Internet Lost and Found -- GP Listings

Kyler Laird's animal rescue resources : breed rescue organizations
German Pinscher Rescue listed

Kyler Laird's Animal rescue: shelters-- Australia, Belgium, Canada, Costa Rica, Holland, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, U.K., U.S.A.

The Poop --German Pinscher Club of Am. and other rescue groups

RufRuf.com - rescue -- Dog Information -- Pictures

Senior Canine Rescue Society

South Lake Animal League -- shelter helping abused, abandoned & neglected animals of S. Lake Co, Fl, USA


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